Apple’s app store motto “there’s an app for that” has taught people that many of our lives’ problems can be solved by simply installing and running an app. Sometimes we need more than that, though; a device that connects with an application, a hardware interface that can be controlled by the software. If you or your loved ones have trouble sleeping, read on to discover several gadgets that can be of great help.


Many people aren’t able to fall asleep because their partners snore. Sure, that are a few solutions to this problem – nose strips and earplugs come to my mind – but they don’t always work. In addition to this, many people don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Fortunately, NORA is a noninvasive device which consists of two elements: a sound detector and a mini pump. You will have to place the sound detector near your bed and the mini pump, which is flexible and soft, inside your pillow. Whenever you or your partner start snoring, the sound detector will send the signal to the mini pump, which will inflate your pillow a little bit, gently moving your head, and thus making you stop snoring.


NORA will be released close to the end of 2016 and it will set you back about $300. It’s not cheap, but it can prove to be a lifesaver for people who suffer from this condition.


When was the last time you switched on a light with the goal of falling asleep? Nox Light is a new bedside gadget that will help you fall asleep and wake up.

The built-in light source generates red wavelengths and soothing sounds, boosting melatonin levels, a hormone that helps people sleep better.


Nox also has the ability of tracking your sleep patterns, measuring your heart and breathing rate and tracking your body movement. Of course, the interface connects to an app that will help you examine your sleep patterns and hopefully take the right decisions that will help you sleep better.

3. Sense Sleep System

Sense promises to take sleep patterns tracking to a new level. Simply attach a “button” to your pillow, and then the gadget will start monitoring your sleep, providing detailed reports.


SSS tracks heat, light levels, humidity, noise levels and even air quality, helping you understand and hopefully take steps to improve your sleep.

Sense also includes a smart alarm which is supposed to wake you up at the best time, making use of the information provided by your sleep cycle.

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